Hi there. We're Seila Chiara.
Seila Chiara is J-B. Alamy playing bass, Rafik El Alami playing guitar and other stuff, Rémi Komornicki singing and playing some guitar, Stan Marques playing guitar and singing once in a while, and Nicolas Sok playing drums.
It's a lot of passion, hard work and friendship.
It's a bunch of dreamy kids.
It's thoughts and problems being evacuated.
It's what you want it to be.
It's not what you think it will be.
You can also find us on :

Journal Entry #2
Hi there,
We made another one of these diary-things, where we kinda talk about Arab punks, reverb nobs, shitty Parisian transportation, the number 90; where we gradually learn how to clap our hands to a rhythm and eat cheese-croissants to the crowing of a rooster.
This is our way of sharing something when we don't have anything to share. It's something.

Journal Entry #1
Nicolas was really motivated to film and edit, so we're also trying some sort of "series" that we're simply calling "Journal Entry", where we'll film some of the things we're up to once in awhile.

This first one - hopefully not the last - was filmed last November (as you can see we're already super efficient at doing this...), where we worked overnight on a new song in our home studio. This can give you a glimpse of the direction our music is going, as the latest released material was written back in 2010.

Something to Intersect With Reality
Almost 4 years ago, we went on tour with our friends from Nonrem, and Kimiyuki from Tokyo Jupiter Records. We filmed a bunch of things but never took the time to put them together, until Nicolas found the courage to make a short film out of them, when learning about Hideyoshi's sickness. We were able to send him a rough draft shortly before he passed away, though we're not sure he was able to watch it.

So here it is, finally finished... I tried to subtitle it in English as best as I could (as a few different languages are spoken), let me know if you catch some mistakes.

The title "Something to Intersect With Reality" is in reference to Nonrem's last album title, loosely translated. I thought it perfectly matched the feeling of going on tour and meeting all the wonderful people that shared this experience and helped us make it possible.

Working on our first full-length album
We're not very talkative these past months, but that's because we're writing our first full-length album. It will probably be a long process, as we've all got quite time-consuming jobs.

So yeah, we're still here and active, just secretly in our dim-lit, oven-like rehearsal room.

See you when we're done.

Our release party in Lyon
We did a release party for "Rive" on September 26th at home in Lyon, to finally present the album to our friends and families. This was a special show for us, since we played every single song we've written so far, during a show that lasted almost 2 hours. Weirdly enough, everyone stayed the whole way!

Here is the setlist we played :
White Elephants
Fatuity Fair
Standing Up on Swings
The Mutiny of All Your Gestures
Brace Yourself! This Is I We're Leaving
Smitten Kitten
Stories Like Ants in New York
Katie, Bar the Door
Epilogue Day (Début)
Mice on Drugs in Pretty Cages
Red Tape
That Way Madness Lies
This Is the Party

Anyways, we really had a wonderful time, so thank you to everyone who came along and made it so wonderful.

If you want to see what it was like, here are 4 songs that were filmed during the show :

Smitten Kitten

Brace Yourself! This Is I We're Leaving

The Mutiny of All Your Gestures & Gaea

Standing Up on Swings

Our next show will also be in Lyon, on November 13th, where we will be opening for Dillon's beautiful voice on the boat La Marquise.

2 live videos from our show in Clermont-Ferrand
Here are two live videos of songs from our latest release "Rive", that we uploaded a few weeks ago, from the show we did in Clermont-Ferrand at the Raymond Bar on May 5th, 2012 :


Smitten Kitten

Concert with Dillon in Lyon postponed to November
The show in Lyon with Dillon had to be postponed due to health problems from Dillon. The show will be held on November 13th instead of April 24th, still on a Tuesday, still on the Marquise boat in Lyon. Checkout the facebook event for more information.

You can buy the 10"
Rive 10" is available for sale through us for 10€. Send us an email to seilachiara@free.fr if you want a copy.

You can also find it through our record labels and in a bunch of different distros.
Moment of Collapse (Germany)
Communication Is Not Words (France)
Tokyo Jupiter Records (Japan)

(The lyrics booklet contains French translations)

Rive - 10" & Bandcamp release
Rive is now available as a 10" vinyl, through our record labels Moment of Collapse (Germany) & Communication Is Not Words (France) & Tokyo Jupiter Records (Japan). It is also available through our distro, as well as a bunch of other distros around the world that I don't have time to list right now, but I might get around to doing as soon as I can.

The CD (Japanese edition) is also still up for sale, through Tokyo Jupiter or through us.

Finally, and maybe most importantly for some of you, we've released Rive on Bandcamp. You can listen to it entirely, share it with anyone you want (the best way to support us), download it (for free, or, if you have the means, it would really help us if you could buy it for the price you want), review and/or embed it if you have a fanzine/webzine/blog/whatever, and a bunch of other things I'm sure you can think of. Anything you do with it would just be awesome.

So here it is :

Listening platforms
Rive is available, since yesterday, on a bunch of listening platforms, like :

The point is simply to have our music accessible, whatever your listening habits may be. You can also buy the album digitally from these platforms in advance, before we release it via bandcamp as a "name-your-price" download.

In preparation for the digital & 10" vinyl release of Rive, we created a bandcamp. For now there are our previous efforts on there, which you can share and embed as you please (if you want to help us out and share what we do). Everything will be "pay-as-you-want" for now. Our old listen/download system has now been replaced with the bandcamp stuff, so everything goes through there.

Our bandcamp is here

Rive US Limited Edition
Quick word to say that Rive will also be released in the US, thanks to Harrison from the Chicago-based record label Kid Sister Everything.

This release will be a limited edition : 100 copies with an alternate handmade artwork. We'll get a few copies to sell in Europe as well.

We'll keep you posted on this release as things advance. Rive should go to press soon.

Some quick news...
- We're still working on getting the 10" of Rive released. The artwork is finished, now we just have to get it pressed, but it's taking a bit of time... We hope to get it out before winter!

- We will also be releasing the EP digitally a short time after, probably in a pay-what-(or-if)-you-want-but-dont-forget-to-share-it kind of way, maybe on bandcamp or just like we've done it until now, because my plan to rebuild our website is getting its ass kicked by a tone of other work.

Stay-tuned and sorry for the time-stretching release...

We answered our first interview!

We talk about the tour with Nonrem, the writing, recording and mixing process of "Rive", what the songs are about, our plans for the future... Along with a few pictures from the tour.

It's in English and Japanese.

You can read it HERE.

Many thanks to Kimi and Shun!

Rive - official release
So we're officialy releasing our new EP Rive today. This means we've sent out the first ordered copies this morning, and well, basically that it's official (wouhou).

The artwork for the CD, by Aude Lemaitre and Magali Tempère.

"Rive" represents a lot to us. It's 3 years of work, with many ups and downs, scares, frustrations, delays, impatience, and a lot of passion while we played the songs during practically every live show we did. We wrote the songs during the year of 2008, right after writing the songs for We'll Build an Ark, and before writing the songs for our self-titled/split, recorded it ourselves towards the end of 2009 (short film about it here), and then it took 2 years to get it mixed, mastered and released. That's a long time to wait while having the songs in your hands and desperately wanting to share them...

We answered an interview for Tokyo Jupiter Records which should be out in the coming days, where we talk about all this in more detail, about why it took so much time, what the songs talk about, what our intentions were for this EP, etc. if you're interested to know more about it.

A few words on what will be happening these next days :
- The vinyl release is underway, but we still don't have a release date yet. Should be in 1-2 months, I hope.
- There will be a digital release of Rive, on places like iTunes and stuff, for those of you who want to help us out by buying our stuff but don't want to get physical. Again, we don't know when yet.
- We're rebuilding this website, to set up a new way to let you listen to all the songs, find out where to get the albums, and ask for a free/donate download if you don't have the means to buy it, want to give us your own amount or believe digital music should be free. We're hoping to get this ready in a few weeks.
- Until then, no download or streaming for Rive, but you can practically discover every song through videos and music players scattered over the web while you wait.

Here's where you can order the CD :
If you're in Japan :
- Tokyo Jupiter's online store
- Sunday Worst Enemy Distro
- Hyper Enough Records
- Diskunion
Anywhere else :
- Tokyo Jupiter's BigCartel store
- Check out our buy page, or send us an email.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy "Rive", it's yours now so take care of it for us...

Rive release preview videos #3 - Fatuity Fair + Rive orders starting
So here's the final preview from "Rive" : the song is called "Fatuity Fair", recorded at Mikrokosm recording studios last June.

You can now order the CD version of "Rive" from us (released by Tokyo Jupiter Records - we have 100 copies imported from Japan) for 10€ + shipping price by sending us a nice sweet email to seilachiara@free.fr.

We will start shipping orders on August 24, the day of the official release.

Don't forget to browse our "buy" page so you can check if there's other things you feel like ordering at the same time.

Rive release preview videos #2 - The Mutiny of All Your Gestures & Gaea
"Rive" will be released next week (August 24th) through Tokyo Jupiter Records, and here are two new songs (well actually an intro and a song) from it, called "The Mutiny of All Your Gestures" and "Gaea", from the live in session at Mikrokosm recording studios last June.

"Rive" preorders through Tokyo Jupiter Records

(Cover of our new EP "Rive", which will be released in CD on August 24 through Tokyo Jupiter Records. Vinyl release will be coming up later on.)

You can now preorder our upcoming EP called "Rive" in CD format, through our record label Tokyo Jupiter Records on their online Big Cartel store.

The first 30 copies sold will be shipped with limited buttons, and if you order both Rive and our split record with Orfèvre, shipping will be free!

We will also be setting up a preorder in France, as we have just received some copies to sell. More info on that soon...

Rive release preview videos #1 - Smitten Kitten
During our recording session at Mikrokosm Recording Studios last June, we filmed three songs off of our upcoming EP "Rive", which will be released on August 24 in Japan (CD format - vinyl coming later in Europe) by Tokyo Jupiter Records.

While we wait for this release, we will be releasing one video every week or so, so you can start to discover some of the songs.

This first video is of the song called "Smitten Kitten":

This Is the Party - Live in Mikrokosm Recording Studios
And another video today : the song "This Is the Party" played live in Mikrokosm Recording Studios (Villeurbanne, France).

We filmed ourselves during the session with the small amount of cameras we had at hand, and decided to release these recordings as videos.

Our drummer Nicolas Sok had some fun editing them, so we hope you enjoy:

We recorded a few songs there, the rest are from our upcoming EP called "Rive" and we'll edit and release them for the EP's release later this summer.

First live video from the tour
As promised, we will be releasing a few live videos from our tour with Nonrem.

It took us awhile (.mts format ftw), but here is a first video of the song Brace Yourself! This Is I We're Leaving, played in Lyon on our last show of the tour, on April 23rd 2011:

A bunch of other videos are coming up, from the tour but also from a live in session we did at Mikrokosm Recording Studios, so stay tuned!

So... What's next?
After a bit of post-tour rest/back-to-reality, we're starting to work on releasing the EP, which will be called "Rive". We're hoping to release this both in CD format in Japan, and in a 10" Vinyl format in Europe. The release dates will probably not coincide : the CD should be released sometime around August, and the Vinyl sometime in Fall.

Next to this, we're working on some tour feedback, in the form of a selection of pictures, some live videos taken during the tour, and maybe a short film about the tour as well as a tour report.

We should be playing a few more shows for the rest of 2011, though we don't have any planned as of now.

Finally, we'll probably be entering a process of musical experimentation, to broaden and deepen our relationship with our music for awhile, prior to writing our first full-length album. We're not sure exactly what type of form this will take, but we're very excited to try it out!

We'll keep you posted.

Tour merch
During this tour, we sold some Tshirts and Posters that we had made specifically for the tour:


Designed by Aude Lemaitre, Screen-printed by Moment of Collapse.

In White and Navy Blue for Men (S-XL), White and Royal Blue for Girls (M).
We don't have any left after the tour. However, we're hoping to get some new ones made soon, so contact us if you wish to order one!

100% Handmade Poster

Designed by Aude Lemaitre, Paper handmade by Aude Lemaitre and our own JB Alamy, Screen-printed thanks to David Ayala

We only have a few left, but since they're all unique, the ones left are probably not the best ones. Also, they're quite difficult to send, as they are very fragile. We might have a few good ones left, so contact us anyways and we'll see if we can make this work!

Post-tour note
The tour is sadly over. We had a fucking wonderful time with our friends Yagi, Domu, Yuma, Hide from Nonrem and of course Kimi from Tokyo Jupiter Records, who are now back in Japan. We love you guys! The goodbyes were tough and tearful, but we will surely see them again, hopefully for a Japan tour! Thank you to everyone who came to see us during the few shows we played, especially those who helped us put them together and the bands we played with. We hope to see you all again soon... We will have many pictures, videos and maybe some reports to share with you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

La tournée est malheureusement terminée. On a passé un putain de bon moment en compagnie de nos amis Yagi, Domu, Yuma, Hide de Nonrem et bien sûr Kimi de Tokyo Jupiter Records, qui sont maintenant de retour au Japon. On vous aime! Les adieux ont été très difficiles et remplis de larmes, mais on est sûr de les revoir un de ces jours, on l'espère même pour une tournée au Japon! Un grand merci à tous ceux qui sont venus nous voir aux quelques concerts, en particulier ceux qui nous ont aidé à les organiser et aux groupes qui ont joué avec nous! On espère tous vous revoir bientôt... On a beaucoup de photos, de videos, et peut-être quelques récits à partager avec vous dans les semaines à venir, donc restez "aware"!


Tour starts tomorrow

(Designed by Winnie Goh)

All the information can be found here!

See you on the road!

April mini-tour
We'll be on a small tour this month with a Japanese band called Nonrem, going to Belgium, Germany and back to France.

We'll be accompanied by Kimiyuki, who runs our record label Tokyo Jupiter Records, and we're really excited to get to know him in person!

During this tour, we'll also be trying to get some funds for Kimiyuki to bring back to Japan in order to help out as much we can with the situation in the north-east. Some concert's benefits will go to the cause, and we'll also carry around a small box for people to donate what they want.

We've prepared a page with all the information about our tour here.

We've prepared a bunch of different merch to sell during the tour, some new Tshirts, some cool handmade posters, some new badges, as well as the 7" we released last month and Tokyo Jupiter's compilation!

We hope to see many of you on the road!

7" pre-order & downloads
We've just received the 7"!

We're opening pre-orders today. You can purchase it for 4€ + shipping costs (approx. 1-2€ according to where you live), either in Black or White vinyl.

We will be releasing it on Monday March 14th, so we'll send out the pre-orders so they arrive at your place for that day hopefully.

To order, send us an email to seilachiara@free.fr, and we'll figure it out!

Don't forget to check out our "buy" section to see if you'd like to purchase anything else at the same time and save on shipping costs.

Also, we've juste made available all the songs from the 7" and our contribution to Tokyo Jupiter's second compilation to download in the "listen" section. Please share it widely, and think of supporting us by buying physical copies or coming to our shows when you can!

Compilation release
We have received our share of copies of Tokyo Jupiter Compilation II, on which 14 bands from around the world each have 1 exclusif song (see older news for more details).

The fixed price of the double CD, imported from Japan, is 14€.

To order, please write to us (seilachiara@free.fr) and we'll figure everything out!

Trailer for the compilation
Here is a trailer for Tokyo Jupiter's second compilation, on which we have a song :

The compilation will be released in February 2011 through Tokyo Jupiter Records.

Self-Titled 7"
Here is the cover (by Aude Lemaitre) of our upcoming release, a Self-Titled EP which will be released as a 7" on Moment of Collapse Records and Communication Is Not Words, probably in February or March.

We'll let you know when we have an official release date.

April tour?
We're looking for shows in Germany (West) - Belgium - Netherlands - France (Center/East) - Switzerland sometime between the 16th and the 23rd of April 2011. If anyone wants to help us organize a show or know people who could, please let us know! Thanks!

Nous cherchons des concerts en Allemagne (Ouest) - Belgique - Pays Bas - France (Centre/Est) - Suisse quelque part entre le 16 et le 23 Avril 2011. Si vous voulez nous aider à organiser un concert ou si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui le serait, tenez-nous au courant! Merci!

More information on Tokyo Jupiter Compilation II

The compilation will feature songs from the following bands:
The Black Heart Rebellion (Belgium), The Caution Children (US), Erfara (Singapore), Gottesmorder (Italy), Keep Your Opinions To Yourself (US), MilanKu (Canada), Nonrem (Japan), Orfèvre (France), Seila Chiara (France), Syndrome (Belgium), TotorRo (France), Trachimbrod (Sweden), Up There: The Clouds (Italy), Via Fondo (Sweden).

All songs will be new and previously unreleased.

Oh and we wish you all an amazing new year!

The first Tokyo Jupiter Compilation
We will soon be releasing a new song on Tokyo Jupiter's second compilation. This means there was a first compilation, and we participated in it.

The two songs that were on the first compilation are now up in our "listen" section, for those of you who are curious.

There actually is only one new song there, recorded in bad conditions (live in our rehearsal room), so it's only if you're interested to see what a song from our upcoming EP, called "Smitten Kitten", will be like.

Tokyo Jupiter Comiplation II

This compilation will be released by Tokyo Jupiter Records in February 2011. It will contain 14 tracks from 14 different bands from around the world, on 2 CDs.

We have one new song on it, which will be available to listen on our website one week before the release.

We can't wait!

Soon to come...
A little update on where we're at.

The first thing we're working on is releasing our first 7", containing the songs off the split record with Orfèvre. This self-titled 7" will be released with the record labels Moment of Collapse (Germany) and Communication Is Not Words (France), probably early 2011.

The second thing we're working on is releasing an EP we recorded over a year ago. Some vocals still need to be recorded, and most of the songs need to be mixed and mastered. We're hoping to get this done beginning of 2011 as well, and it will be released as a 10".

Finaly, we just recorded and are currently mixing a demo of a new song for a compilation that will be released by our Japanese record label Tokyo Jupiter Records. More on this soon...

We're hoping 2011 will be a year full of releases for us!

See you soon!

Album review of the split record with Orfèvre
In the read section, you can find a new review, in French, of our split record with Orfèvre, written by Hilikkus for the webzine VisualMusic. Many thanks to him!

New video - Split release party
We've got a new live video up! It features the three songs from our split record played live in Lyon during our release party last may.

"Standing Up on Swings", "Red Tape" and "That Way Madness Lies", live at Lyon (Le Trokson) on May 28th, 2010.

How cool is this...
Tony from Ukraine just sent us a picture of a T-shirt she made herself!

Thank you so much Tony!

New song - Red Tape
...And our side of the split record with Orfèvre is now fully available for you to listen to on our website. Just go to the "Listen" section and listen to all three songs, with the new instrumental "Red Tape" filling the gap between the two other songs.

You can also help us out by purchasing this split record, which is available in CD format for 7€. Just contact us if you're interested.


You can now watch all our videos in our "watch" section.

The future ahead
During the next few months we will be working on releasing our EP (it's practically been a year since we recorded it...), which is still in the process of being mixed. The wait is slowly draining us but we'll get through it.

As we wait for that we're starting to write some new songs, for a possible first LP. Our heads are filled with ideas accumulated during this year of wearying sterility, so we're really excited.

We haven't planned any concerts any time soon. Maybe we'll plan some for our EP release if that ever comes. But if you want to have us play at a show, by all means, let us know!

Lots of love.

Split with Orfèvre - available tomorrow!
So, since tonight is our release party, this means that the split with Orfèvre will be available tomorrow.

You can order it from us by sending us a nice sweet email to seilachiara@free.fr, and we'll figure it out. It costs 7€, and we'll see about the shipping costs once we know where you're from.

We only have 50 copies, and we're not sure we'll get any more after this so if you wan't one (in my opinion) you really shouldn't hesitate...

Here it is:

We're really excited...And we hope to have company tonight for our party!

New song - That Way Madness Lies
I've just put up a second song from our Split record with Orfèvre called "That Way Madness Lies". You can listen to it... well in the "listen" section!

If you're in Lyon, come join us at the show for the release party!

Split Release Party!
Friday May 28th we will be doing a release party for the split record with Orfèvre.
We will be playing with Orfèvre and local band called Gloria Parchoc' in Lyon at the Trokson (more info in the shows section).

We will start selling the split record at this show and thereafter, as well as make it fully available to listen to on our website.
Unfortunately, we will not be releasing it as a free download this time, in respect to the hard work our record label put into making this release possible.

We only have 50 copies of this split record, so if you want a copy please don't hesitate! We will be selling it at the price of 7€. Just write to us and we'll find a way to get it sent to you, or come to the show if you're in Lyon!

Where to buy the split record

Our Split record with Orfèvre will be out in a few days in Japan (May 12th). You can order it directly through Tokyo Jupiter Records. You will also be able to buy it through STMOnline, Hyper Enough Records and Diskunion starting May 12th.

If you live in Europe, you will be able to order it directly from us, as soon as we get them (around May 16th, 50 copies). We'll give more info about that soon!

Fixed Download Link
I just realised (thank you Loïc) that the download link to We'll Build an Ark wasn't working. I fixed it. I have a feeling it's been like that for awhile. Sorry! You can now download "We'll Build an Ark" if you wish to do so...

Split record pre-orders
Our split record with Orfèvre will be released by Tokyo Jupiter Records in Japan on May 12th, 2010.
Pre-orders have started through Tokyo Jupiter Records, with some T-shirts and/or badges for the first people to order.
To pre-order, contact: tokyo.jupiter.records@gmail.com

We will also be receiving 50 copies sometime in May, so for those of you who want a copy in Europe, you can pre-order them from us: seilachiara@free.fr

You can check out Orfèvre here.

Two new live videos & release approaching
We have two new videos of two songs played live at our last concert in Villeurbanne on March 19th, 2010. The two songs, "White Elephants" and "Fine" are from our upcoming EP, which is still in the process of being mixed and stuff. We still don't know when it will be out, but here's a preview of what it will contain.

Oh and our split record with Orfèvre will be sent in the next few days to be pressed, so it should be released sometime in May! We're very excited about that.

Here are the videos:

"White Elephants", live at Villeurbanne (Hotel de la Musique) on March 19th, 2010.

"Fine", live at Villeurbanne (Hotel de la Musique) on March 19th, 2010.

News on future releases
Ok so our split record which was supposed to be shared with Orfèvre and the Japanese band Birth will finally only be shared with Orfèvre since, sadly, Birth has had some problems making it to the recording room.

The plans have changed and here is what we will be doing:
- A split record with Orfèvre which will be released in CD format through Tokyo Jupiter Records in Japan.
- A 7" which will be released in vinyl format in Europe, either through a European record label which we have yet to find, or in a D.I.Y fashion!
If all goes well it should be released before summer.

We are also working on getting our EP mixed, after which we will be searching for a record label to work with for the release.

Oh and I'd like to thank all of the people that have been coming to our shows in Lyon these days and the people that have helped us organize them! We love you all.

Next show is in Geneva with Le pré où je suis mort and Sofy Major!

Song preview & short film
As we're getting really impatient to release our new stuff, here are a couple of new things for you...

...to listen to: the song "Standing Up on Swings" which will be featured on our upcoming Split record with Birth and Orfevre, released by Tokyo Jupiter Records in the months to come. You can listen to it in the "listen" section.

...to watch: here is a short film we made during the guitar & bass recording session of our upcoming EP (for non-french speakers, we have included English subtitles that you can activate on the youtube player).

Hope you enjoy!

Demo sold out...
We have just sold our last copy of our demo "We'll Build an Ark".

However, there are still some copies left in some distros.

If you want to purchase a copy, you can try contacting:
- Adolar (Germany) : adolarband@gmx.de
- Isaiah (Belgium) : torninmypride@hotmail.com
- Psychoyouth Records (Taiwan) : psychoyouth@gmail.com (or check out their distro here: pyrdistro.blogspot.com)

A big warm thank you to everyone who has helped us move forward by purchasing a copy of the demo.

Happy holidays to those of you who celebrate this time of year.

New album review
Our album "We'll build an ark" has been reviewed by Julien from the Belgian webzine Shootmeagain.com. It's in french and it's here: http://www.shootmeagain.com/chroniques/1657_seilachiara_wellbuildanark .
Big thanks to Julien for this!

Split record recording
We will enter the "studios" (or something like that...more like rearranged living rooms) starting next week to record 3 songs for the upcoming split record we will be sharing with Orfèvre and our friends Birth from Japan. We can't wait to share the results with you!

If you're into Facebook, we have our "group" and "page" at the following addresses:
Group - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=67317590209
Page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Seila-Chiara/53568953401

Low on stock
We have 3 CDs left in stock, and we don't know when we will repress, so if you're interested in buying a copy (each version is limited to 50 examples), please contact us soon!

End of the tour...
The Germany tour is over. We'd like to thank everyone who came to see us play, those who organized each gig and welcomed us with warmth, and above all Adolar who made this whole thing possible and who we love so dearly. You guys are truly amazing, and we really hope we'll get to play with you again (shows or not)!

First album review
We have our first album review (in French, sorry for the non-french speakers)! And it's amazing: http://www.metalorgie.com/punk/groupes.php?id=2573 .
(A big thank you to Turtle for this review).

We'll Build an Ark - Repress
Tokyo Jupiter Records has repressed our album We'll Build an Ark. We have 50 new copies to sell (new color).

If you are intersted in purchasing a copy, you can contact us on our email. (Price : 5€, including normal shipping price - paypal or cheque).

We should have Tshirts and buttons ready for the tour as well, we'll keep you posted!

Tour with Adolar
We're organizing ourselves a great little tour in Germany (and 2 dates in France) with a German band called Adolar (you can go check them out here: http://myspace.com/adolarband ). We're really excited!

We'll be repressing "We'll Build an Ark" for a Tour version, and if we're lucky we might get some of our first T-shirts and buttons.

The dates will be put up as they are confirmed.

Sold out!
All albums in Japan are sold out. We have copies in France, if you want to purchase some from us, don't hesitate to write to us!

First album release
The album is out!

If you want a copy, please email us to: seilachiara@free.fr

If you are living in Japan, you can purchase a copy through Tokyo Jupiter Records : tokyo.jupiter.records@gmail.com / www.myspace.com/tokyojupiterrecords (sold out*), or on www.hyper-enough-records.com(sold out*) or www.stm.to (sold out*).

* Sold out for now, we'll let you know if the album is pressed again. Please check out the sites where the album is still available, or contact us.