Our record labels:
Communication Is Not Words (Paris, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Kid Sister Everything (Chicago, United-States) [Website]
Moment of Collapse Records (Hamburg, Germany) [Website] [Myspace]
Tokyo Jupiter Records (Tokyo, Japan) [Website] [Myspace]
Bands we played/will play with:
Adolar (Berlin/Liepzig, Germany) [Website] [Myspace]
Amalthea (Gothenburg, Sweden) [Website] [Myspace]
Ampools (Besançon, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Atlan (Darmstadt, Germany) [Myspace]
Babayaga (Clermont-Ferrand, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Birmingham (Clermont-Ferrand, France) [Website]
Careful (Paris, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Chinese Robots (Paris, France) [Myspace]
Cut That City! (Lohr am Main, Germany) [Myspace]
Dillon (Berlin, Germany) [Website] [Myspace]
Ed Wood Jr (Lille, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Egotronic (Berlin, Germany) [Website] [Myspace]
Empty Guns (Leipzig, Germany) [Website] [Myspace]
Enemies (Kilcoole, Ireland) [Website] [Myspace]
Gloria Parchoc (Lyon, France) [Myspace]
Hiro (Besançon, France) [Myspace]
Hungry For the Truth (Metz, France)
I Had Plans (Lisboa, Portugal) [Myspace]
Jean Jean (Paris, France) [Myspace]
Kairos (Lyon, France) [Myspace]
Keiko Tsuda (Lyon, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Kid North (Paris, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Kingdom (Ghent, Belgium) [Myspace]
Le Dead Projet (Paris, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Le pré où je suis mort (Geneva, Switzerland) [Myspace]
LoGre (Lyon, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Maîtresse (Mainz, Germany) [Website] [Myspace]
Mannequin Republic (Metz, France)
Milkilo (Saint-Etienne, France) [Myspace]
Nonrem (Tokyo, Japan) [Website] [Myspace]
Norman Cox (Lyon, France) [Myspace]
Only for the Sake of Aching (Aurich, Germany) [Website] [Myspace]
Orfèvre (Lyon, France) [Myspace]
Reno (Bruxelles, Belgium) [Website] [Myspace]
Sofy Major (Clermont-Ferrand, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Space Plumber (Clermont-Ferrand, France) [Website]
Syndrome (Ghent, Belgium) [Myspace]
Tenkah (Aix-en-Provence, France) [Website] [Myspace]
The Black Heart Rebellion (Ghent, Belgium) [Myspace]
The Panther Party (St-Etienne, France) [Myspace]
The Solexine Chapter (Tarbes, France) [Website] [Myspace]
This Town Needs Guns (Oxford, United-Kingdom) [Website] [Myspace]
TotorRo (Rennes, France) [Website] [Myspace]
Tumblekid (Paris, France) [Website]
Up There : The Clouds (Rimini, Italy) [Website] [Myspace]