Here is a list of the few things you can buy from us.
Our stuff
Rive [10"] - US limited edition 10€ (Import)
Rive [10"] 5€
Rive [CD] 8€ (Import)
Self-titled [7"] - White or black vinyl 4€
Tokyo Jupiter Compilation II [2xCD] 12€ (Import)
Split record with Orfèvre [CD] 7€ (Import)
Tokyo Jupiter Compilation [CD] sold out
We'll Build an Ark [CD-R] sold out
You're logic and reason, I'm heartfelt obsession [Tshirt] - Screen-printed, white & blue 10€ (last sizes - ask)
Mice on Drugs in Pretty Cages [Tshirt] - Screen-printed, white sold out
Beetle [Poster] - 100% Handmade poster (paper+screenprint) 5-8€ (ask for more info)
Elephant 2 [Button/Badge] 0,5€ or free with another item
Elephant 1 [Button/Badge] 0,5€ or free with another item
Bird 2 [Button/Badge] 0,5€ or free with another item
Bird 1 [Button/Badge] 0,5€ or free with another item
Mice [Button/Badge] sold out
Birds of a feather... [Button/Badge] sold out
Raccoon [Button/Badge] 0,5€ or free with another item
Fox [Button/Badge] 0,5€ or free with another item
Our friend's stuff we have in our small distro
Archive - Decline [CD] 6€
Ashen/Usepentosing - Split [CD] 4€
Birth - Mistake of Pain and Three Pieces of Compulsory Education [mini-CD] 4€
Come Accross Trachimbrod - Eating People Is Easy [CD] 8€
Isaïah - Ils Consomment, Tuent Et Prient Mais Ne Pensent Pas [12"] 9€
Loathus - Self-titled [CD] 7€
Mauvaise Graine - En cet instant [CD] sold out
Mimosa - Give Me One Perfect Reason Before Leaving the Womb [CD] 4€
Orfèvre - Gholé kifach han dhél - 2 versions (Positive/Negative) [CD-R] 5€
The Black Heart Rebellion - Monologue - Japan Limited Edition [CD] 10€
The Black Heart Rebellion - Monologue [12"] sold out
The Black Heart Rebellion - Self-titled [CD] 8€
The Caution Children - Vacations [CD] 8€
Titan - The Chrysanthemum Pledge [12"] 8€
Year of No Light - Nord - Limited Edition [2x12"] 15€
How it works
To order, please send us an email to with the things you want to buy and your address, and we'll figure out a way to make it work! (Bank Transfer, Paypal, Chèques in France)

There will probably be some shipping costs : we'll calculate the price according to where you live. We'll try and keep them as low as possible or find alternative ways to get them to you without any costs.

Don't hesitate to ask for more info, pictures etc. for every item. Didn't get the time to set up pictures yet.